Our Needs

Work Truck

We are in desperate need of a well maintained, reliable work truck for the ranch. ​A heavy duty, dual axle, four wheel drive, extended cab vehicle is ideal. If you are interested in donating or contributing towards this need, please contact us.

Scholarship Sponsorships

With the launch of our equine therapy program, Healing Reins, there is a great need for families and individuals who may not have the ability to afford all or part of the sessions that are needed. Through generous donors and grants, we are able to offer a scholarship program to those people. If you are interested in sponsoring through our scholarship program, please contact us.

Gift Cards

Our foster kids are always in need of extra clothing and personal items, particularly when they first arrive at our home (they typically come into foster care with VERY little). Having gift cards available for them to use as needed is a TREMENDOUS blessing to them and us! If you have questions about retail shops, etc., feel free to contact us.