Healing Reins provides Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Counseling for those who are facing challenges in their own lives and in relationships. Our twelve week therapy program includes both on the ground and horseback activities. We partner with highly experienced, licensed therapists and certified equine specialists in order to provide the highest quality of care to our clients. The program curriculum is tailored for foster children and our honored military veterans and their families. It is a joy to work alongside our clients as they find freedom and emotional well being. ​RESTORATION  is a beautiful gift!


One of the unique aspects of Dogwood Ranch is our commitment to help foster youth find their place of BELONGING as they approach adulthood. Statistics show that a significant number of foster youth who face adulthood without a permanent connection to a family will struggle with life altering difficulties including homelessness, extreme drug addiction, frequent incarcerations, and repeated cycles of poverty. A strong support system can change all of that. Our Transitional Living Program will provide private or semi-private residences for older foster youth who are entering adulthood. In addition, a full time mentor will oversee every resident’s care as they learn crucial life skills that will help equip them to have a successful future. Our deepest desire is that every youth at Dogwood Ranch knows they will always have a place to belong.


At Dogwood Ranch, we have always believed in the importance of HERITAGE. Since 2008, we have been parenting and serving abused and neglected foster youth who have come to us with severely fractured family experiences. It is our hope that in time, we will be able to build a community of foster homes, specializing in providing long term care to older, harder-to-place youth. By doing so, we will have a unique opportunity to offer a new heritage to at-risk kids who are desperate for a fresh start. We firmly believe that every child has been created for a forever family. It’s in this context of family, that our trauma-exposed foster children will have their best chance to heal.
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With your generous support through prayer and donation, we will be able to obtain this goal and provide even more support for the kids we serve!
Serving Missouri's foster children since 2008
We exist to provide a safe and loving home environment for abused, neglected, orphaned and other children in need by creating a place in which the cycle of hopelessness can be broken through unconditional love and acceptance.