The Village

Vision Statement: We believe in the power of FAMILY, recognizing that it is a God inspired gift which helps facilitate wholeness and healing for foster children and youth who may have never experienced true safety in a family setting. The Village exists to ensure that all behaviorally challenged, “hard to place” foster children and youth have a loving, committed, highly skilled family and home to call their own.

We exist because everyONE deserves a family.
(Program Coming Soon)

The Village at Dogwood Ranch is a unique solution-focused program aimed at addressing the need for highly trained foster families to provide long term care to Elevated Needs foster children and youth. This community of homes will include approximately 6 experienced, licensed and specifically trained foster homes dedicated to parenting Elevated Needs kids. In addition, one full time respite/emergency “on call” home will also be located on the property. This support-based model is designed to carefully address not only the unique needs of our behaviorally challenged children but also the unique needs of our resource providers, who provide for their care. By providing on-site, in-person support, the foster families who reside at The Village will be able to maintain their resilience, compassion and commitment to care for youth who come from histories of extreme trauma. This will allow our foster youth to rebuild their delicate lives through family-based stability and ongoing support.

Take a look at the video below to see a beautiful rendering of what we hope The Village will look like once completed.