The Herd

Big Dan

Big Dan is our newest addition to the ranch and we couldn’t be more thrilled to call him ours! Even though he is new to us and still getting settled, we can tell he has a heart the size of Texas! Big Dan has quickly made friends with Grey and they are currently inseparable. We are so thankful for Big Dan and the gift he is.


Oreo is one of our mini ponies and happens to be Mickey’s sister. She is blind in both eyes and often depends on her friends to guide her. Oreo makes a great therapy horse, as she requires a little extra patience and empathy from our kids.


Sketch loves his people and is eager to please those he bonds with. He can be a bit of a “scaredy cat” but often looks to his people for comfort. He is a bit of a klutz by nature, but puts his whole heart into everything he does. (P.S. don’t tell the others, but he is our therapist’s favorite).​


Grey is gentle natured and very reliable. He can easily be pushed around by others because of his calm personality. Grey sticks out to a lot of our clients, because of his very light coloring and the fact that he is so very handsome! He is one of our “pleasers” and will do whatever it takes to solve the issue at hand. He is a thinker and planner and always has the best of intentions.


Squirrel is unique at the ranch, as he is our only donkey. He loves to be included in whatever we are doing as long as his friends are with him. He knows what he wants in life and always goes after it. He is a definitely a “fan favorite” and loved by many of our clients.


Little Miss Terra is our youngest and smallest horse at the ranch. She is one of our beloved mini ponies. Terra knows she’s cute and believes she should be the center of attention whenever a crowd is around. Terra recently learned to pull a pony cart and has loved the challenge!


Shamrock is easy to love. If you visit the ranch, you will find that she is usually the first one to approach you. She does her work well but when she’s done, she’s done. She has an endearing disposition that draws many to her immediately. Fun fact: Junior is her son!


Mickey is one of our mini ponies and is Oreo’s brother. He is one of our go-to horses; he is reliable and knows his stuff. He has also recently learned to pull a cart and is pretty proud of his new found talent. Mickey is not lacking in the confidence department. While small is stature, he is a full-sized horse at heart.


Dot is very sweet and has a gentle temperament. She is a lot of fun for our kids to ride and has a very playful side! She is a favorite to ride bareback, because she boasts a “nice round figure”


Junior loves the company of people and is incredibly talented. He often prefers to goof off rather than focus on a task. He would much rather have fun than work! Like all class clowns, he is so much fun to be around, and reminds all of us to not take life too seriously.


Beauty is a beauty! She has a steady and consistent demeanor, making her a great fit for our clients. She is a rule follower and will be the first to tell you when something isn’t fair. She is one of our most consistent therapy horses and quickly connects with even our littlest clients.


Gracie is one of our younger horses. She is smart, athletic, and always has a little spring in her step. She loves people and has a genuine willingness to please. Many are attracted to her low key, calm nature. She definitely brings the calm to any chaotic situation.


Sox is one of our favorite “grandmas” at the ranch. She is extremely patient, has taught many beginners how to ride, and can be trusted with just about anything. She is very sweet and knows her job well! Sox is extremely loved by everyone.


Romeo is one of our most handsome boys on the property. He is a gentle mid-sized pony with a huge heart. He is fairly new to our herd, but is quickly working his way onto our “favorites list” (but don’t tell the others!). He is patient, tolerant and has the sweetest spirit ever! We sure love our Romeo-boy!


Diamond is all legs and stands a head above most of the rest of the herd. She is spunky, a quick learner and loves to run. Movement is her jam. She has a willingness to do anything as long as she can move! If you ever catch her mane in the light you will notice it looks like a shiny penny!


Legacy is special to us, as she was our first foal born at the ranch. Legacy has a very sweet side as well as a sassy side. She is very social and loves to be with both her people and her horse herd. She loves to be loved on and gives great hugs!